The Pros and Cons of Video Game Fitness – Important Things You May Not Know

Video game makers finally got the idea: The joystick is simply not enough. Even their video game followers and fanatics must get exercise, too. So they came up with programs that involved more than the use of hands and eyes. By inventing video games that involved standing instead of sitting and dancing or exercising instead of simply using their eyes, they spawned a certain level of fitness consciousness among those who don’t normally find the time to exercise. One video game fitness program in the market today even allowed players to interact with trainers as they perform balance and calorie-burning exercises.

But can video game fitness replace traditional workouts? The answers are varied depending on which side of the spectrum you are on. There are always two sides to any issue. If you’re contemplating on using video games as part of your regimen or if you want to introduce a more active form of playing computer games to your getting-obese teen, here are the pros and cons. They’re well worth a look before you can make a final decision.


1. Video game fitness programs introduce young people to exercise in a fun environment. It can be difficult to make teenagers understand the benefits of working out, especially if you have to pull them away from their favorite hobby in order to do so. With these programs, exercise and fun are integrated seamlessly into each other, encouraging the usually-sedentary video game enthusiast to move and thus reap the benefits of exercise. 

2. These programs are a stress-free way for overweight teenagers and adults to start getting back in shape.

3. It has the element of competition that encourages players to perform their personal best in every game. The more intense they become in their workout, the more calories they burn.

4. It makes for fun family fitness. These games are an ideal way to keep everyone in the family fit and healthy. It also promotes family bonding.


1. Video game fitness programs, like any other computer game, can get boring after a while. Companies must continually design programs to capture the interest of players.

2. These programs do not give the kind of motivation an individual needs to stick with the regimen for the long-term. Video game players only do these exercises because they’re fun, like any other game they do on the computer. Only when they are made to understand the importance of exercise can they find enough motivation to continue with it for the long-term.

3. It does not give the same quality of exercise compared to traditional workouts. These programs do not really challenge the body the way a regular workout does where you get the chance to increase the intensity of your workout sessions. Regular workouts also allow you to choose the regimen that you need to work on to improve a particular aspect of physical fitness. Computer programs limit your choices.

4. It teaches nothing about making lifestyle or dietary changes that everyone needs to do in order to stay fit and healthy. In the eyes of the player, this is just a game and like any game that can tire, it becomes perfectly all right for them to just grab a can of soda or munch on chips before, during and after their game. It then becomes counterproductive.

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